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Talent Protocol profile image

The handle for your Talent Protocol profile

Stand out and make a lasting impression by redirecting your personalized web address to your Talent Protocol profile.

Interconnection of blockchain data with the handle

The handle for your on-chain data

In the future use your handle as an aggregator and to store your professional identity on chain.

Talent Mate skin

The handle that unlocks an exclusive skin

Talent Mates is an NFT collection of unique avatars that also serve as a community membership pass. Holding a Talent Mate grants you access to community perks such as new features, exclusive swag and scholarships.

Using the Talent Protocol handle as a payment address

The handle for getting paid

Empower your financial transactions and secure your assets by using your custom domain as your unique wallet address.

Here's why it's a smart move

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Build on top of ENS

.tal.community was build on top of ENS so you get all the features of an ens handle combined with a web2 domain that you own. We're building the tools for this to become the entry point for on-chain professional data.

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.tal airdrop

.tal doesn't exist yet, however we wanted to ship everything we needed to get the functionality we want out of these handles. .tal.community enables just that. We'll airdrop you your equivalent .tal handle in the future.

Get your handle before
else does

Early bird promo