How much is a great career worth?

In the past, the typical way of monetizing a career was either by renting your time to an employer or by starting your own company. Today, with blockchain technology, we can start monetizing what has never been monetized before: the future potential of a career.

Our mission is to empower undiscovered talent worldwide, by giving growth-oriented individuals the ability to create a branded Career Coin, raise capital and build a community of committed supporters early in life.

What is Talent Protocol?

Talent Protocol is the infrastructure to create, store and exchange personal tokens that represent real careers (called Career Coins), powered by its native governance token $TAL.

Career Coins are personal tokens minted by Talent Protocol, that are tied to a person’s career potential, as well as all the benefits and services sponsors can access.

Sponsors are incentivized to support the talent because their investment will grow with them. Talent is incentivized to perform better because there’s an increased sense of accountability and commitment.

Talent Protocol helps:

  1. Talent that needs funding to accelerate their careers.
  2. Talent that wants to build an engaged community of supporters.
  3. Sponsors that want to fund their favorite talent and get returns.
  4. Sponsors that want to be recognized as patrons of unprivileged talent.